Memorial for Misused Time

Festivals transform the regular order of things and for some they can offer a more free-flowing experience of time. For others, however, there can still be pressure to keep to time via efficiency, productivity and punctuality. The Memorial for Misused Time (2017) invited Liverpool’s LightNight attendees to explore a deep relationship to time by creating a collective memorial for what they have missed not only at the festival but in their past and present lives as well as what they think they might miss in the future. The memorial invited for a moment of reflection and celebration of things we deem dear in our lives, beyond narratives of production.

What are you missing now:

What did you miss in the past

What will you miss in the future:

The Memorial was designed by Larissa Pschetz, Katharina Ludwig and Michelle Bastian from the University of Edinburgh, ECA. It is part of their programme of work looking at the role designers and artists can play in opening up our understandings of time.