Dr. Larissa Pschetz
Lecturer in Design at the University of Edinburgh (since 10.2015)
Programme Director, Product Design UG (since 09.2016)
Fellow at the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) (since 05.2019)

Informatics Forum / Bayes Centre
11 Crichton St
Design Informatics, Office 1.53
Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

l.pschetz [ at ] ed.ac.uk
Twitter: @entretags
phone: +44 01316502974 

Research interests

I am an interaction designer, researcher and lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. My research is in Design and related areas of Human Computer-Interaction, Social Sciences and Humanities. I am particularly interested in socio-technological narratives and how they can influence and be shaped by design practice. My current research focuses on:

Inclusive IoT: How IoT devices and systems can be designed to better integrate groups that are at the periphery of dominant narratives of technological development. Recent projects that explore this theme include the GigBliss hairdryers, Bitbarista, and CariCrop.

Temporal Design: The concept was the basis of my PhD, motivated by a critique to perspectives of time in design, which are highly influenced by dominant narratives that describe time as uniform, external to human and non-human practices, and in a state of continuous acceleration. Temporal Design attempts to incorporate a new perspective that looks at time as emerging out of relations between cultural, social, economic and political forces. Temporal Design is discussed in my thesis, and in subsequent publications at Interactions, DRS2016 proceedings and Design Studies.

Biodesign: How the incorporation of biological systems can challenge the way we design and understand artefacts, systems and social relationships. I have taught Biodesign for 2 years, together with Dr. Naomi Nakayama, and have helped to organise exhibitions, workshops and events in the area. More information about the course can be found here.

Work experience

Design researcher:
University of Edinburgh, ECA (2014-2015)
Microsoft Research Asia (2013)
Microsoft Research Cambridge (2012)
IBM Watson Research, Center for Social Software (2010)
FHP Potsdam, Interaction Design Lab (2007-2008)

Interaction designer:
HID, Hamburg (2009)
IxDS – Interaction Design Studios, Berlin (2007)


PGCert. University of Edinburgh – UK (2020) 
PhD in Design. Microsoft Research PhD Programme (2014) 
MA in Interface Design.
FHP Potsdam – Germany (2007)
BA in Industrial Design. UERJ ESDI – Brazil (2004) 
BA in Journalism.
UFRJ – Brazil (2002)

Research funding

  • Pschetz, L. (PI), Wilson, M., Symons, K., Enright, J., Bach, B. (02/19 →08/19. Caricrop: exploring the potential of new technologies to support local and inter-regional agricultural trade in the Caribbean (£46k, CAHSS SFC Global Challenges Award)
  • Bell (PI), C., Bach, B., Pschetz, L. (02/19 →08/19)  PeaceTech Initiative–Partnership for interactive mediation (£42k, CAHSS SFC Global Challenges Award)
  • Bach, B., Robertson, D., Murray-Rust, D., Pschetz, L., Rawlinson, J., Rovatsos, M., Hill, R. (10/18 →03/20) Capital Award in Support of Early Career Researchers: “Edinburgh Vishub” (£200k, EPSRC)
  • Pschetz, L. (10/18 →06/18) IoT in the Home. (£31.2K, EPSRC PETRAS Demonstrator)
  • Pschetz, L., Kerr, A., Speed, C.  (08/18 →31.07.19) Autonomous Devices for a Future of Distributed Energy Generation (£14.5K University of Edinburgh Challenge Investment Fund)
  • Pschetz, L., Wilson, M. & Symons, K. (04/18 →06/18) Can new technologies shift global power geometries? An agricultural trade workshop with Caribbean partners in Edinburgh (£15K, University of Edinburgh GCRF International Research and Partnership Fund)

Teaching experience

  • Biodesign (Design Informatics, PG), course organisation and teaching from 16/17 to 17/18.
  • Histories and Futures of Technology (Design Informatics, PG), teaching from 15/16 to 16/17.
  • Design from Data (Design Elective UG 1st and 2nd years), course organisation and teaching from 15/16 to 17/18.
  • Design Research 3 (UG 3rd year Product Design), course organisation and teaching from 16/17 to 17/18.

Selected publications

  • Pschetz, L, Pothong, K, Speed, C. (2019) Autonomous Distributed Energy Systems: Problematising the Invisible through Design, Drama and Deliberation. In Proceedings of CHI’19. Honorary mention for best paper award.
  • Tallyn, E., Pschetz, L., Gianni, R., Speed, C. & Elsden, C. (2018) Exploring Machine Autonomy and Provenance Data in Coffee Consumption: A Field Study of Bitbarista. In Proceedings of CSCW 2018.
  • Nissen, B., Pschetz, L., Murray-Rust, D., Mehrpouya, H., Oosthuizen, S. & Speed, C. (2018) GeoCoin: Supporting ideation and collaborative design with location-based smart contracts.  In Proceedings of CHI’18.
  • Liu, Y. & Pschetz, L. (2018) Designing machines with autonomy: From independence to interdependence to solidarity. DRS Conference Proceedings 2018. DRS,  Vol. 6, p. 2308-2320
  • Pschetz, L., Magill, C., Klein, E., Cross, J. & van der Horst, D. (2017). Understanding situated energy values in rural Kenya. DRS Conference Proceedings 2018.
  • Pschetz, L., and Bastian, M. (2017) Temporal Design: Rethinking Time in Design. Design Studies.
  • Pschetz, L., Tallyn, E., Gianni, R. & Speed, C. (2017). Bitbarista: Exploring Perceptions of Data Transactions in the Internet of Things. In Proceedings of CHI’17.
  • Moisy, A. & Pschetz, L. (2017) Designing with Living Organisms. Proceedings of RTD’17 Conference.
  • Pschetz, L., Bastian, M. & Speed, C. (2016). Temporal design: looking at time as social coordination. In Proceedings of DRS2016 Conference.
  • Pschetz, L. (2015). Isn’t time to change the way we think about time? interactions, 22(5).
  • Pschetz, L., Yatani, K. & Edge, D. (2014). Turning Point: Narrative-Driven Presentation Planning. In Proc of CHI’14. ACM, NY. Honorary mention for best paper award.


  • Goethe Artificial Intelligence Workshop. Oct 2019. Glasgow, UK. Workshop Participation, with Ryan Bowler.
  • Presentation at Ars Electronica Festival 2019: Experiential AI: Entanglements – Fair, Moral and Transparent AI. Sep 2019. Linz, Austria. With Drew Hemment, Vaishak Belle and Dave Murray-Rust.
  • Temporal Design workshop. Aug 2019. Edinburgh, UK. Organised with Ryan Bowler and Michelle Bastian.
  • PeaceTech workshop. June 2019. Edinburgh, UK. Organised with Benjamin Bach, Harriet Cornell and Christine Bell.
  • CariCrop workshops. February and June 2019. St Lucia and Jamaica. Organised with Kruakae Pothong, Billy Dixon, Luis Soares, Jess Enright, Arlene Bailey and Alister Glean.
  • Bio-Design Lab: One Weekend to Imagine Future Bio-Innovation. May 2019 at ASCUS, Edinburgh UK. With Naomi Nakayama, Carole Collet, Louise Mackenzie, Helene Steiner, and Elise Cachat.
  • Presentation at ZKM: “Art and Artificial Intelligence”. May 2019. Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medien (ZKM), Karlrshure, Germany. With Drew Hemment, Vaishak Belle and Dave Murray-Rust.
  • Exhibition: Innovation in Housing. June 2019. Edinburgh, UK. Organised by Kate Carter at ECA. Presentation of Karma Kettles, with Luis Soares.
  • Smart Energy Wales: Consumer of the future. June 2019. Cardiff, UK. Presentation of Karma Kettles organised by Smart Energy GB at the Welsh Parliament. With Luis Soares.
  • Invited panelist at RTD’19 Conference. New Agencies and Alignments in RTD. Delft, March 2019. Panel chaired by Elisa Giaccardi, with Iohanna Nicenboim, James Pierce, and Johan Redström.
  • Talk at Industry Data Showcase. Feb 2019. Organised by Edinburgh Innovations. Presenting Autonomous Energy Devices.
  • Living with the Internet of Things. Exhibition at Tate Modern, London, Feb 2019. Showing Karma Kettles with Esteban Serrano and Billy Dixon).
  • BRE Open House event. Jan 2019. Testing the Karma Kettles with visitors of the BRE industrial park, with Esteban Serrano and Billy Dixon).
  • BBC Radio 4: Data Stream Day. Interview on the project collaboration with Yuxi Liu No Machine is an Island. Live on 24 Sep 2018.
  • Workshop at DRS conference in Limerick (2018) Tangible Tools for Understanding Distributed Systems. With Bettina Nissen and Yixi Liu.
  • Biodesign Here Now. Exhibition at London Design Festival 2018. With Naomi Nakayama).
  • Can New technologies Shift Global Power Geometries? Jun 2018. Workshop with Caribbean partners, organised with Marisa Wilson and Kate Symons.
  • #Blockchain4EU Conference May 2018. EU parliament, Brussels. Presentation of GigBliss prototypes.
  • Organisation of TransImage Conference Apr 2018. Edinburgh UK.
  • Invited talk at Newcastle University. Mar 2018.


Gruen, D., Hupfer, S., Levy, S., Muller, M., Schmolze, K., Pschetz, L., & Wolf, F. Deployment of location based applications with crowdsourced structured points of input for data entry. IBM Corporation. April 2012: US 20120102164-A1

Gruen, D., Hupfer, S., Levy, S., Muller, M., Schmolze, K., Pschetz, L., & Wolf, F. Crowdsourcing location based applications and structured data for location based applications. IBM Corporation. April 2012: US 20120102165-A1


Honorary Mention for Best Paper Award: CHI’14 and CHI’19.
Microsoft PhD studentship, UK.
DAAD Prize for International Students, Germany.
5th Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award – to Video Steve La – Brazil.
31e Concours International de Musique et d’Art de Bourges – to Video Steve La – France.


Prototyping skills
Advanced: Web Development (RoR, PHP, XML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript including d3.js and jquery etc.) Processing, and Hardware Prototyping (with Arduino, PIC, etc.)
Intermediate: C#, Objective-C, Java

Fluent: English, German, Portuguese
Advanced: Spanish, French
Basic: Mandarin, Dutch

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