I am an interaction designer, researcher and lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. My research is in Design and related areas of Human Computer-Interaction, Social Sciences and Humanities. I am particularly interested in socio-technological narratives and how they can influence and be shaped by design practice. My current research focuses on:

Inclusive IoT. How Internet of Things devices and systems can be designed to better integrate groups that are at the periphery of dominant narratives of technological development. Recent projects that explore this theme include the GIGBLISS Hairdryers, the Bitbarista and field study carried out as part of the “Energy Data for All” project in Kenya.

Temporal Design. Critical perspectives of time in design are highly influenced by dominant narratives that describe time as uniform, external to practices, and in a state of continuous acceleration. Temporal Design attempts to change this perspective by looking at time as emerging out of relations between cultural, social, economic and political forces. Temporal Design was the main theme of my PhD thesis, and is discussed in subsequent publications at Interactions, DRS2016 proceedings and Design Studies (in press).

Biodesign. How the incorporation of biological systems in design can help to challenge the ways we understand artefacts and systems, social relationships, and other living beings. I currently teach biodesign together with Dr. Naomi Nakayama. More information about the course can be found here .

Contact information:

larissa [ at ] entretags.de
Twitter: @entretags
Phone: +44 7851537496

University of Edinburgh
Evolution House
Research Space 3.17
78 West Port
EH1 2LE Edinburgh, UK